Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Guided meditation class and Paper making goopyness

Abitza is booking classes now!  There is a board up in the cafe, covered with fascinating pieces of paper that are tempting me to explore things I haven't before.  There is a soap making class coming up and paper making, which appeals to the messy, goop-loving 5 year old inside me. 

Also, this Guided Meditation class.  I am feeling this would be such a lovely way to close off the week of work and school and prepare for a weekend of fun and socialisation.

As a school Mum, I am also thinking this would be a reason/excuse to lie down for an hour of peace.   Or maybe sit in that pose?  I will have to find out.

Also, check out the new calendar!  Thanks to Anna from RUCCIS for teaching me about and how to use the google calendar.  I'm popping into Abitza today to get all the upcoming class info to add to the calendar.