Saturday, 22 December 2012

I went Christmas Shopping at Abitza and took a camera!

Christmas trading hours at Abitza. 

23rd December (today!) open until 2pm

Christmas Eve 8am-4pm
Christmas Day CLOSED
Boxing Day CLOSED
27th December to 31st December 10am - 3pm
New Years Day CLOSED
01 January 2013 - normal trading hours resume. 8am-5pm weekdays. 8am-3pm Saturdays and 9-2pm Sundays.

Merry Christmas xx
  (from Sue of Abitza)

Last week, I wandered up to Abitza for a lovely cuppa and a natter with Sue, Holly the Fairy and other lovelies who congregate in the warm and inviting atmosphere of Abitza.

There were som new shinies on the shelf that totally won me over and have since made their way under the Christmas tree for my daughter... and myself!

Dancing Fairies!  How could I resist!  The adorable house and fairy sculptures are still available, but the metallic print of Dancing fairies is awaiting me under the Christmas tree.

This Tiny tiger is keeping an eye on all the amethyst items thatsparkle so delightfully on Abitza's shelves.
Do you have a man in your life who likes to turn rusty old cars into shining and amazing retro-mobiles?  How cool would this plaque look in this shed!

I included these paintings because they ARE for sale and the are simply full of happy energy and I think everone should have a chance to view them before someone takes them home.

Orange is a deliciously happy colour!  All sorts of essential oils, skin products and air scenting sprays are available.  They make great gifts or wonderful pick me ups to help you recover after some intense socilising this December.

 So loving these crystal trees.  There is a Clear Quartz tree, as well as this lovely and soft green tree.

 Rainbow makers!  Shinies in your window! 
Sparkles add such a lift to everday life.

May your Celebrations this December be joyous and create wonderful memories to warm you through the year ahead.
The Tree of much glowing delight at Abitza