Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Coffee and Circus - Abitza and RUCCIS - So Much Fun!

Circus came to Abitza on Saturday and we had a lot of fun!
The new and very exciting Tightrope (yes, it deserves a capital letter because it is so awesome) was set up on the sidewalk and many visitors to the cafe and occasionally passersby enjoyed their chance to play "Circus Tightwire Walker"!

Love how our balancing help looks as if Kate is giving Graham and I a "High Five!"

That's me (Esmerelda) in the cherry red RUCCIS t-shirt with the rainbow on my forehead.  RUCCIS stilters are taking advantage of Abitza's beautiful display window for resting purposes, after wandering along Main St, Upwey for the entertainment of the shoppers.   The stilters also peeked in through Abitza's window to admire the dream catchers that brighten up the cafe window and wave at the many RUCCISites that were enjoying their cake and coffee inside.

 The sidewalk chalking is becoming something I really enjoy doing, especially since one of our RUCCISites provided a gorgeous rainbow box of chalk colours.  There was even a coffee coloured chalk!  I'd started thinking about trying a peppermint tea (my fave!) coloured chalk when people showed great interest in the Tightrope. 

Jen of the gold glittery hair teaching Blake how to make his own juggling balls.

RUCCIS taking all the sidewalk space with our hula hoops, spinning plates and Tightrope, Abitza's new outside seating was moved inside for our facepainting and juggling ball making.  This young man was the first to try his hand at making his own juggling balls and came outside to learn to juggle.  He had a wonderful morning exploring all the other circus equipment with many other children and quite a few adults.

Jarrod wearing RUCCIS's lovely new logo next to the banner with the original RUCCIS logo.
Olivia bought her first hoop on Wednesday and by Saturday she was able to show off many new tricks for us!
The pathway outside of Abitza is quite spacious and even though the rain came to visit, we had a lovely group of hoopers, some new to hoops, including an "innocent passerby" who remembered hooping as a young girl and did quite well for her first spin in decades.

With Juggling ball in hand for extra balance, this Abitza regular shows off his new balance skills with a shy but pleased smile.
I was spoilt when I ordered my lunch, yummy Marinated Chicken Strips on delicious, crunchy salad.  The lovely waitress brought it right out to me while I was on tightrope spotting duty and it was so delicious and warm on that now chilly and rainy afternoon.

When I brought my plate back into the warmth of Abitza's cafe to congratulate the talented chef (and owner of Abitza) Sue, on her cooking, she mentioned that there had been four orders for it right after mine was served.  I'm guessing the smell and appealing look of my lunch must have inspired others. So yum!

Jane and Olivia surprised us with their previously hidden talents of Balloonology, creating swans, hats and all sorts of adorable balloon animals! 

Two Balloon Pumps and a pile of modelling balloons led to a basket inside Abitza being full of balloon animals to take home, and very creative balloonologists (love that word!) making wearable art outside.
Happy Faces to mark the end of a delightfully bouncy day. A giggly Sue, owner of Abitza. in the middle, with Sam and I acting as supports for Daniel's surprise splits.
Photo by Jayrow Photography
Thank you to everyone who came with their enthusiasm and delight to make the Circus Day such an enjoyable event! 

Were you one of the people who came and played with RUCCIS or had a lovely meal at Abitza on Saturday?  We'd love you to leave a comment if you did (or if you wish you had been there!) or just to say hi!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Giggles & Glitter & Glue! Kids Card Making classes in Upwey

These lovely smiles belong to Holly (on the left) and Sue.  Holly is starting an exciting new adventure with Abitza, adding a mix of Card making and Children on Thursday afternoons, to the Holistic Healing centre, Gift shop and Cafe.

Holly and Sue with Abitza's beautiful range of cards, including Holly's beautiful handmade cards. :-)

After all, what is more thrilling than taking some glitter, some paper and some sticky, sticky glue and putting excited children in front of it!  It will be mess you don't have to clean up  creative and colourful!

Holly described the class as a mix of cutting and stamping, mixed in with Giggles & Glitter & Glue!
The children who attend the class will get a chance to play with the Big Shot die cutting machine, which I have seen fascinate grown ups too, the fun of rolling paper and the template die through the "wringer" Big Shot and seeing amazing shapes come out the other end!

The class can cater for 8 to 10 children, so call Sue or Holly on 9754 6850 to book your child in for this Thursday and then enjoy a well earned hour of relaxation, grocery shopping without multiple additions to the trolley or even check out the healings available at Abitza for that hour!

Bookings are for each week, so if you want your child to go for the whole of term 4, let Sue or Holly know that when you call. :-)

Holly uses Stampin' Up products, which (I love) are easy to use and colour co-ordinate and have a wide colour range, designed to appeal to both Princes and Princesses as well as Mud Monsters and Funky Fresh Friends.  Also, their water based inks are non toxic and as long as you don't iron them, will wash out easily.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Healing choices

Abitza has three lovely rooms, each with windows to let the sunlight in, that are used by a wide range of healers.  If you drop by Sue or the other girls can explain all about the healing choices available to you.