Thursday, 27 September 2012

Juggling and Coffee! 6th October from 9am to 3 pm!

Juggling and coffee!  
Tightrope and Tea!

ABITZA And RUCCIS bring the circus to town, for a Family Fun Day.
9AM – 3PM
*Join in the festivities & family fun activities
*Bring yourself and your little ones (or not so little ones!) to make their own juggling balls, try out their balance skills on our Tightrope while you indulge in coffee and cake, or a delicious lunch.
*See the circus performers.
*Free Face painting
AND MUCH MORE !!! — at 56-58 Main Street Upwey 3158
The Circus is coming to ABITZA in Upwey, to (have fun!) create a funtastic day of teaching juggling from step one - making your own juggling balls, with a tightrope to try and walk across, maybe some
stilting and balloon animals (warning - hugging your new pet balloon animal too tightly can result in surprisingly loud noises) and definitely delicious food.
Come and join us, to be amazed and to be amazing!
— at 56-58 Main St Upwey, Victoria
Lovely, warm inviting ABITZA's cozy nook with comfy couches
Lovely, inviting ABITZA Cafe and Holistic Healing centre and RUCCIS - who provide CIrcus Experiences for Everyone! (including me!) are going to have a Fabulously Fun day on October 6th!  Bring the children and come see.  Or bring the Grandparents and come see. 
There will be exceedingly high in the sky stilters wandering around the street, a tightrope for you to try (with a very safe spotter to enure a graceful dismount and help diminish the wobbling) and juggling balls to make and learn how to use! 
After all these excitement, sit down for a coffee and some delicious cake, enjoy the fun kids treats available and look through the healings and classes available at the wonderful place to play that is Abitza!

Wearing stilts at the park!
Hope to meet you @Abitza on the 6th!

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