Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Bit Za Poetry 2-5 pm Sun the 2nd

ABITZA held their first "A Bit Za Poetry Day" last month and it turned out to be a fascinating day!
There were several readers, who came organised with their planned pieces and their best reading voices. 

From left to right, Ian, Holly, James and Gavin all took their chance in the spotlight!

One lovely lady who came in for her delicious coffee became so interested in the readings that she spontaneously joined in and gave a reading herself!

The next Poetry day at Abitza is this Sunday, on the 2nd, and our lovely ladies at Abitza have chosen a Christmas theme for the readings.  So hunt out your favourite Christmas poems, or pen a new one to express your thoughts on this festive time of year and pop down to Abitza to share them.


Here is a Christmas poem of mine from last year, to get you in the poetic mood. 

Oh sticky tape, Oh sticky tape.

Oh sticky tape so good,
now where could you be?
I sifted my way though
the box of stationary.

I found a small remnant,
from previous years,
I wrapped up five presents
with ever grateful tears.

With many gifts remaining
vulnerably unwrapped,
I need you before the
child finishes her nap.

I have a compass from Santa,
to give her this year,
please help me to cover it
with paper of cheer.

You're not under the couch,
or behind the T.V.,
I can't find you in the
3rd draw down either, see?

Your stickiness so glorious,
the way it connects
two edges of paper,
to conceal our gifts.

Please reveal your hiding place,
with a magical boom,
I bet you are somewhere in
the sleeping child's room.
Copyright ©Esse 2011

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